Rhye Media's History

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Rhye Media was established by Andrew Beard at the end of 1999, when the world was hoping that the burgeoning computer and technology systems would not put an end to our lives as we knew them. (How naive we were!)

In the late 1990s our founder had just completed a successful period in video production and CD-ROM presentations for numerous companies, and felt a change was on the cards. That change came in December 1999, in the form of finding a contract position with the Melbourne based Mechanical Innovations, which had established itself as a leading 3D rendering and drafting supplier. With this new business partnership came the opportunity for more contract work with other companies, which then led to the establishment of the company now known as Rhye Media.

Rhye Media worked on site with Mechanical Innovations for approximately 2 years before the creators of the 2 companies noticed a change in the market and decided to form a new company called Innographics which shifted its focus away from the mechanical side of computer systems and instead specialised in touch screens and CDrom presentations.

With the rapid progress of technology in the 2000s, there was again a shift in market demand, this time away from optical presentations (such as CD-rom's and video productions) towards online marketing. In 2004, Innographics disbanded and, inspired by the popularity of internet technology, Andrew decided to focus once again on Rhye Media.

A remote contract with the Melbourne IT provider CN Solutions allowed Rhye Media to greatly expand their skills and knowledge set of the various areas within the Information Technology field. It was during this time that they first began making the dynamically driven websites that are now one of their core products.

From 2005 until 2008 Rhye Media worked with some of Victoria’s biggest building developers producing customised on-site touchscreen kiosks, as well as traditional print material. Rhye Media also had another high profile contract with Power-Net, a leading IT provider, and maintained the websites of Power-Net’s numerous clients.

In April 2009 Rhye Media launched a deal with HugoNET/Host Geek, an established web provider, which opened up a whole new range of services they could provide for their customers. Now Rhye Media’s services also included domain name registration, e-mail set up, and further web hosting solutions.

In the late 2000s, as Rhye Media strived to continually improve their communication and presentation skills, Andrew undertook a Certificate IV course in Training and Assessment.

He then implemented online training through Ballarat University in order to share his vast knowledge with his own employees and students of the university.

In 2011 the company set up an alliance with an online consultancy firm, Edge Online Consulting, specialising in the automotive industry and online marketing.

In the last few years the market has shifted to focus largely on websites and online social media, and we have again put ourselves of the forefront of this technology by promoting our brand and everything that our company stands for through various different online media.

At the begin of 2016 Drew joined the Grant Broadcaster Radio family working in the Design and New Media department. Working directly with sales reps, on-air teams and promotional staff to create suitable artwork for the companies websites, online social media and marketing events for the Victorian and South Australian stations. Managing various marketing spaces and opportunities and ensure all sites (17 websites) displayed correctly on all devices. Supply statistics, analytics and information for weekly meetings.

Nearing the end of 2019 Drew moved back to working exclusively at Rhye Media.

Currently, Rhye Media is working on a variety of projects for both small and large companies, using the wide array of skills that its employees have learnt over the years to provide its customers with the highest quality graphic design products and online marketing available.