What's in a Name?

Published in About Rhye Media

One of the most common questions we at Rhye Media get asked is, "Where did the name Rhye come from?"

Most people have heard the expression "wry smile" or "wry sense of humour" - Our name is simply a variation of this phrase which our founder used to hear quite often when he was young and mischievous. The word wry is itself derived from the Old English word wrigian which means "to turn or bend." As such, something that is wry is completely different from everything else around it.

Our founder decided that a word like wry was just what he needed to describe his graphic design business. This company strives to stand out from its competitors, to take the traditional views and ideas about web design and push them to their absolute limits by looking at every new project from a uniquely creative angle. 

Being a huge Queen fan, of course he changed the spelling to RHYE, from their song Seven Seas of Rhye, written by the lead singer Freddie Mercury in the early 1970's. This play on words adds another level of creativity to our image, further helping us to stand out from the crowd.