Mission Statement

Published in About Rhye Media

From an idea and a desire to inform and stand out from the crowd, a design begins.

The page bare and baron, void of any message, saying nothing to most, except to the artist and designer, to whom it cries and calls, full of potential. It is ready to be transformed - nay, reborn! - into more than just ink on paper, more than just dots on a flickering screen.

It becomes something to inspire, to make people stop and think, to ignite their senses and their curiosity. 

Its message is absorbed and recorded.

Unsuspectingly, its audience will recall the design and its message, without giving a fleeting thought to who designed it. They will remember the art, but they will not consider the long hours of development, or even what type of computer or programs were used to create it.

But we will know, and that’s all the reward we need.

Values and behaviour:

Rhye Media considers these attributes to be paramount in the commercial environment. It is essential that a team follows these values to not only be successful but efficient at what they do.

Organisation and attention to detail:

Having worked with various companies (both small and large) we know that organisational skills and attention to detail are at the foremost of every production. This enables effective time management and production of tasks for each project.

Customer Service:

A comment from one of our clients recently summoned up our belief in customer service;

“When I commence a project with you I know that I can expect a result without continually requesting updates and progress reports… this information is freely and regularly provided well before we even think of it. I wish other suppliers were as efficient.”

Tony Petruzalek - Marketing Manager, Australand Holdings.

Communication Skills:

This is a continual area of development and we are always striving to achieve better results with our written and oral transmissions. As a result of this Rhye Media's founder recently decided to undertake training in Cert IV TAA (Training and Assessment). After his successfully completion of this course, the additional skills he gained in presentation and training have been implemented into Rhye Media's corporate and educational environment.


As a requirement of Rhye Media's ad-hoc project work, we have successfully teamed up with a large variety of diverse groups with excellent outcomes, including but not limited to: management teams, I.T technicians, marketing managers, production contractors, installation technicians and printing teams. We also provide internet training and instruction to non-technical staff members.

We are continually developing knowledge and skills in the I.T, design and marketing fields to keep abreast of new techniques and software and we can ensure this will continue to be at the forefront of our future aspirations.