What our upgrade to cPanel and WHM 11.50 means for your site

As always, this latest upgrade features improved security, ensuring that your websites remain safely hosted on our server. Notifications of security issues and error reports have been improved in a variety of ways, including critical issues getting more immediate, separate notifications and the default password strength has been increased to a score of 40 (although Rhye Media already have our minimum set to 80). The GeoIP identifier has been improved and the operating system and other information has been added to email notifications: This information will help you quickly identify visitors that trigger events that cause alerts, allowing you to quickly sort out any issues.

One of the most exciting new security features to directly impact you, our clients, is called Greylisting. Greylisting protects your server against unwanted email - the dreaded spam mail. When Greylisting is enabled, the mail server temporarily but automatically rejects any messages from senders that it doesn’t recognize. If it turns out that the email is legitimate, the originating server will wait and then try to send it again, and then the server will accept the email and you'll be able to receive it. Greylisting gives you a clutter free inbox and provides another layer of defence against unwanted spam. As the creators are saying, "It’s spam protection magic!" 

Even before Greylisting, cPanel and WHM already had a robust email functionality. One of their most beloved features, the email system has also been improved with the release of 11.50, as users can now access their calendar and contacts remotely via third-party applications. This means that your emails, calendar and contacts are now able to be fully synced and accessible across your devices wherever you go.

The efficiancy of data for user storage has also been increased, creating greater reliability and significantly improved performance. The DNS Restoration features has also been expanded, and is now better equipped to restore sites with dedicated IP addresses. 

Updates will now be faster and more streamlined, as will the installation of plugins. 

So this upgrade is awesome all round, from the new interface to all of its new features (there are more than 25 in total)! If you'd like the read more about it, you can check out the official release page here, or read this announcement here.

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