Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday in the US is considered the official start of the Christmas shopping season. It's a similar concept to Boxing Day in Australia: Stores hold massive sales, luring customers in with great bargains. Many people camp out overnight in order to ensure they get their Christmas shopping done on that one day. Competition is intense, with massive lines and overwhelming crowds.

Obviously, this level of dedication to bargain hunting is not for everyone. If you don't particularly feel like risking being trampled to death in a Target, you might fare better with Cyber Monday. Featuring online-only deals, Cyber Monday is a great opportunity for consumers to score great bargains from the comfort of their own homes.

The first incarnation of Cyber Monday held in Australia occurred in 2012 and was known as Click Frenzy. It was an unmitigated disaster, with websites and servers crashing under the unprecedented demand. In the years since, precautions have been taken to ensure things run smoother, but it's taken a long time to recover in the eyes of the public. With a brand overhaul, however, the Australian populace seem to be forgiving the errors of Click Frenzy.

Especially with more and more American retailers shipping to Australia, we're pretty content to do our shopping online. did an article listing some of the more popular US stores that ship down here, and it's an ever expanding list.

As discussed in this Mozo article, a nationwide survey by Australia Post found that 87% of Australians expected to do at least part of their Christmas shopping online this year, compared to the measly 52% who did the same last year. Australia Post estimate that they'll be delivering 1.3 million parcels every day in December to keep up with the online shopping demand. 

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