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Well, the New Year seems to be all but a distant memory and we are once again back in full swing with our regular daily tasks.

The process of keeping your website updated with new content and product information is extremely important for your sites SEO but it is only one task that needs to be completed.


Over the last 6 months, Rhye Media has implemented a few new processes and systems and now that we have them up and running I think one such process is definitely worth covering in more detail.

The process of keeping your website updated with new content and product information is extremely important for your sites SEO but it is only one task that needs to be completed to assist with your sites ranking in Google and other search engines.

An important part of the full SEO algorithm is the version of software your site is running, whether it be the CMS, your templates responsiveness or the hosting servers software (e.g. PHP, MySQL, etc) they all come into the equation.

Our new "Keep me updated" option is now in place and will ensure the hidden and unforeseen processes are covered.


So what are these hidden processes?



Step 1.

Setting up your site in Googles Console.
This not only tells Google that you're online it also monitors your site for any issues, including 404's and mobile display problems.

As well as this we can generate reports showing you where your site ranks based on queries, how many times it appeared in searches and so much more. After the initial set-up, we will monitor the output each month to ensure any issues are addressed.

Step 2.

XML Site Mapping your site.
We will create a format of your site ready to be digested by Google and submit it to ensure your site is regularly scanned and any new pages are added.

Step 3.

Google Analytics may seem like a given but many clients neglect the potential of this information.
We will ensure you are supplied with an overview of your site's performance and identify areas that should be improved.

Step 4.

An extremely important step is the 'site back-up' process, this step ensures there is a complete copy of your site stored securely on an external server. This means that if your site breaks, is compromised or fails completely, there is an option to quickly have you back online using an external copy.

The back-ups can be scheduled to a time frame of your choosing* between monthly, fortnightly, weekly or even daily depending on which package suits you best.

Step 5.

Site Review.
Once a back-up as been made the next step is to review your sites template, components, modules and plugins and ensure they are updated to the current versions. Or if required uninstall them and find a suitable replacement.

Step 6.

Once we have your site updated you will be supplied with a report covering any issues or problems found. See a list below for a detailed breakdown of costs.



Ongoing monthly items and tasks:

Monthly management fee



Site back-ups



CMS, components, modules and template updates*



Analytics review



*Updates will only be installed if new versions are available and if required







Additional back-up frequency fee (*if required)


Fortnightly back-ups +


15 per/mth

Weekly back-ups +


20 per/mth

Daily back-ups + 


30 per/mth


If you have any queries about anything at all to do with your website, you can contact us here; it's the first port of call if you need any help with your own website, or if you're interested in having one made for your business.

We look forward to hearing from you!