Dynamic CMS - No Development

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Do you want to purchase a royalty free template to keep costs down? Then this package is for you! We will find or use your supplied template and convert it into a working site which gives you the ability to edit and change content from a secure login.

The site will be produced using a php, html & css template, driven by a content management system (CMS) and is ideal if you require content updates every few days or weeks.

The number of options and features available within a fully integrated CMS site are numerous and these types of features can be added to your site at any stage. A detailed list of required features and options will need to be clearly outlined, see the CMS features page for further information. Note: some features may incur additional costs.

Content will need to be supplied in a suitable format for our design team to begin the production process and the site structure/map must also be detailed in a clear and comprehensive manner.

Helpdesk support and remote assistance including training and advice is also provided in the final cost. On-site training will incur an additional fee.

Please contact one of our team for more information on this package.


$ 1,650.00* (inc gst)


Note: All quoted prices are inclusive of GST and are in AUD. Prices current as of 1st April 2021. Some required features may be outside of the above pricing and will require additional costs. Supplied prices are based on a maximum of 5 pages.

Website Tips

Prior to a beginning we would recommend that you collect as much information about your new site as possible.


Preferred domain name

Required email accounts

Hosting set-up and account

Possible launch date

Target Audience

Purpose of the site !!! very important !!!

Budget limitations

Number of potential pages (approximate)

Content management and editing requirements

Design and functionality (list of example sites)

Content and image collation or creation

Call to action pages (enquiry forms, order submissions, etc)

Device output preference (computer, tablet, phone or all)

Social media connectivity/accounts (facebook, twitter, linked in, etc)

Launch promotion methods

Site Tracking (Analytics, Webmaster tools, etc.)


That’s a good start and should help you get the ball rolling.