Is working remotely here to stay?

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Working remotely can be difficult for a lot of people to adopt but due to the current global situation, it was forced on a lot of the world’s workforce. If your job required you to be in front of a computer for most of your day then you have or are most likely still working remotely.


Working remotely can be difficult for a lot of people to adopt but due to the current global situation, it was forced on a lot of the world’s workforce.

Having worked remotely for more than 10 years we can relate to almost every scenario that you may have encountered during the forced isolation. In some situations, you may have even found that your working day was just as productive remotely (if not more so) as it would have been if you were still in the office.

Should working remotely or reduced "office hours" continue beyond the current restrictions? It may have worked so well, it may be a viable option for some industries. 


Here are some tips and benefits of working remotely.


Try not to work where you play/relax/sleep. 

It is really important to have space at home dedicated to work, don’t just grab the laptop and work from your couch or bed. This really blurs the line between work and play, it’s not only really bad for your posture it means it can be difficult to enjoy/relax when you aren’t working in that space. 


Work/life balance - Set time limits for your day (routine)

Working onsite gave you a start and end time to your day, as well as formal breaks and lunch periods where you were away from your screen. Try and keep these points in your day even when at home. Step away from the screen/device just like you would in the office and when it’s the end of the day, stop work!


Get changed into your work clothes.

You might think staying in your pj’s or favourite pair of trackies is a great idea but it blurs the lines of work/home even more. Put on your work clothes (maybe a slightly less formal version of them) and start work. When you’re finished your day get changed into something more suitable for relaxed. 


Set time away from your devices

When you were in your office you had time away from your devices, e.g in meetings, reviews, one-on-one discussions, etc. Try and incorporate those moments into your “working from home” day: when you take a call, try and go outside or stand up and pace around, walk to a window, or even try and put on a load of washing. 

No one wants to be chained to a screen 8 hours a day, do they?


Travel time - bonus

Some people commute to and from work each day, which takes up valuable time. A major benefit of remote work is that this time can now be used to complete other tasks. Maybe they were done in a rush before leaving for work or after an exhausting day in the office or traffic. Consider this time as a bonus, not only for yourself but also the environment as you will have greatly reduced your carbon footprint during lockdown due to the less time spent in your car!


What are your thoughts regarding working remotely? 


Do you think you will suggest changes to your previous role? Do you think your manager will consider less time in the office as an option?

If you would like to discuss working remotely or have any questions regarding some of our experiences, please feel free to contact us now.