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AFL Footy Tipping 2020 - Take Two

After an extended pause, it's now once again time for the greatest game in the world to return - Aussie Rules!

What's a Domain Name Really Worth?

There’s been a few stories and comments recently in the media regarding AFL players from seasons past having the cost of their own personal domain name added as a separate amount to their yearly payments, thus avoiding salary cap issues.

That doesn't sound like a significant amount of money, under $100 at worst, right?

Monthly Website Maintenance

Well, the New Year seems to be all but a distant memory and we are once again back in full swing with our regular daily tasks.

The process of keeping your website updated with new content and product information is extremely important for your sites SEO but it is only one task that needs to be completed.

AFL Footy Tipping 2020 - Rhye Media

It's been a hot, smokey, dangerous summer for Australia! Now it's time for the greatest game in the world to return for another season - Aussie Rules!

Use your Gmail account to access your domain emails for free!

A lot of people are familiar with the Free Gmail app or browser system on their smartphone or computer to access their Gmail accounts. Well, there is a way you can also take advantage of the same systems to access your domain email accounts for Free.

Is it time to update your website and PHP version on your hosting account?

Have you noticed that your site is currently running an out of date version of Joomla?

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