Losing connectivity

Online connectivity is fantastic and in a year like this one (2020), it has shown itself to be pivotal to business, schools and long-distance personal relationships. But what happens when it doesn’t go to plan and the unexpected is thrust upon us?

There are numerous reasons for you to lose connectivity from what you are attempting to do online, from ISP (internet service provider) issues, hardware conflicts, bad website coding, bandwidth limitations, server outages, as well as hackers to name just a few.

The majority of the time your connectivity will be due to a local device failure or conflict with your operating system or router and the “turn it off/on again” option will more than likely fix the problem. Being unable to login to an account after being forced out can also be very frustrating and can prevent you from completing your desired action.

Here are some screens we hope to never see when working online.

Zoom Camera not working

Online connectivity - No Camera

Bad website code - Blank web page

Online connectivity - Blank web page

Bandwidth Limit

Online connectivity - Bandwidth Limit

Server/Software Error

Online connectivity - Server Down

Being so reliant with online connectivity, when it does fail due to any reason, means you need to be able to be flexible with your work processes. 

This may mean you need revert back to the plain old telephone/landline or actually use your phone to make a call, find a pen and paper to start writing down your work or tasks. 

The thing you need to tell yourself is to not panic!

It shouldn’t be a "life or death problem" and the World won’t stop spinning just because you can’t access a wifi connection (or as my mum calls it “We Fy).

It may not happen often but when it does, a lot of the time you will be left wondering what to do, staring deep into your device as if you’re trying to see through the screen and into the inner workings, hoping to actually see the problem. 

Rest assured if it is a server outage or downtime of a website the tech team will most likely be already aware of the problem and will be working on having you back online sooner rather than later. 

One way to keep your website secure is to sign up for our monthly site maintenance option.

Updates happen on a regular basis due to constant reviews and bug reports from around the world and having a safely stored back-up of your site will provide you with peace of mind, knowing your site could be restored quickly if anything did go wrong.

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