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Where to start when quoting a website

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Quoting for creating a website.

This is something that doesn’t get any easier and is something that you should always review for each job. One size doesn’t fit all!

There are lots of variables to consider...

  • do you have details on the look and feel they require?
  • are you creating more than one concept?
  • will you be purchasing a readymade template and making modifications?
  • will they be providing all of the images and content for the site?
  • do they require any special features or elements?
  • will you be required to make regular changes to the site for them?
  • will you be including CMS training on how to manage the site
  • do they have all of their hosting information, is it a suitable package? (this is always an issue!)

CMS versus static.

Is their site going to require weekly or monthly changes? If not, then maybe a static site would be suitable. Yearly changes to files and content via ftp is suggested to keep their search engine results as high as possible. A CMS site will provide you with the option for lots of additional features which can be turned on at any stage and will also help with content changes and future updates.

Hosting requirements.

The type of site you are going to make will affect the hosting package you will need. E.g. A static site wouldn’t require database connectivity.

What does the client really need?

Their future requirements for their site will affect all of the above decisions and must be considered before you proceed. I suggest that you provide your client with a fixed price to begin with and ensure you detail exactly what you are going to deliver; see below.


Description / Brief:

Design and supply a static website for your company to be hosted at the following URL.

The custom website will include the supplied content/information and be based on the current
marketing material. All current corporate guidelines will be followed to ensure the integrity of the corporate brand.

Fee proposal:

  • Static website design x 1 concept
  • Convert approved design to code (html, css)
  • Create 5 pages based on the approved template and insert the required content into each page
  • Upload approved site to server via ftp
  • One set of changes to content only after upload

Total Cost: $(insert your price here)

Note: Any further changes will be charged at our standard hourly rate. Mark ups should be made clearly,
electronically or with a pen or marker on a coloured copy and sent to us by email (scan), or by Express
Post. Please do not fax mark ups as they can be difficult to see and may be interpreted incorrectly. Note
that major design changes beyond the original scope of works may be charged additionally. A further Fee
Proposal will be submitted if requested.


A CMS site is usually double the price of a static site. I hope that helps.