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Rhye Smile

Welcome to Rhye Smile! Before beginning we'd appreciate it if you took a moment to read through our About section in order to get an idea of who we at Rhye Media are; and hopefully you'll get some enjoyment out of the play on words in the title of this feature, explained in What's in a name?

This section of our website is where we will be posting a whole variety of things for your interest: tips, design notes, comments and general information. Feel free to send us any questions or observations you may have through our User Support System, and we hope that you find these articles helpful!

Keeping Healthy in the Office

Having an office job is bound to equal a lot of time sitting at a desk, and everyone knows that long periods of being sedentary aren't healthy. So what can you do to ensure that you're not putting unnecessary strain on your body at work?

POP and IMAP Protocols

POP and IMAP are two common email protocols, and Rhye Media's server offers both. As checking emails across multiple devices becomes the norm, POP is becoming increasingly obsolete. You may want to transition to IMAP to ensure that you continue to have the best access to your emails.

How to be productive on the internet.

Having a strong online presence is vital for any 21st century company. As your client base increasingly rely on the internet for communication, you too have to keep up to date with what's being posted about you online, and ensure that the lines of communication between you and your customers are well maintained.  

Swiper no Swiping

A lot of businesses seem to have trouble coming to terms with the idea that just because someone has posted their work online, it does not mean that it's there for anyone to use, free of charge. Here's a few facts for you to remember if your clients ever start pressuring you to use un-sourced material in the design of their sites. 

Two is always better than one.

We've made a few news articles about the importance of backing up your websites, so we thought it only fitting that Back Ups get their own section at Rhye Smile. Do you have a secure, complete back up of your own site, or of any sites you host?

Artwork approved and it’s time to print, your job is done?

Every designer will experience the issue of what the word “approved” means with a client. It seems like a pretty straight forward process...

Quoting for creating a website.

This is something that doesn’t get any easier and is something that you should always review for each job. One size doesn’t fit all!

There are lots of variables to consider...

Set-up for a website design.

When starting your website design you should set up your artboard or canvas to the following specifications; between 2,000px and 1,400px wide. The optimum height varies depending on your content, but anywhere at or above 768px is fine. 

Search Engine Optimisation. (SEO)

The important thing to note is that SEO is a mathematical equation and you need to ensure your site contains the right information to improve the final search result.

Would you be reluctant to hire someone that had their own business?

Firstly, is the position full-time? An employer will want 100% of your skills and effort dedicated towards their business, and may be (misguidedly) wary of you poaching clients or work from them for yourself.